Storyteller App

A more human way to create memories from photos and videos, often copied and now the standard in Mobile Gallery Apps today

With the Nokia Storyteller app our aim was to automatically collate your photos and videos or ‘memories’ in a more human way via moments in time or location.

When we combined this with Nokia Here map data we strived to create a natural flow to re-living where and in what context you took your photos.

Storyteller consists of 4 key views. Each was wireframed and crafted in a responsive grid for both phone and tablet.

We developed a first time use for the app which explained all its features and allowed some upfront customisation of the experience.

I worked closely with engineering to produce warm, natural and speedy control of your content using pinch zooming, flick, pan and swipe.

I also continuously tested and refined the concept of ‘Living Image’ animations. Multi-frame sequences, that start automatically while browsing your content so you can truly relive the moment.


With the first release of Storyteller – we created a less mechanical experience for reliving and sharing your memories with family and friends.

By testing design ideas against real world scenarios I also contributed to the roadmap of features for the application. Our experience design was adopted into Microsofts default Photos application for use at a platform level in the Windows Phone OS.

The Big Picture: Nokia has been the market leader in capturing exceptional quality photos on a mobile phone. Launched in Q3 2013 with the brand new Lumia 2520 tablet, and the HD Nokia Lumia 1520.

Marketing video of the App