Creative Studio App

A simple and intuitive photo editor for Windows Phone



Project dates

03/2012 – 07/2012


Windows Phone

Project Summary

Creating a simple and seamless user experience for editing images on a mobile device. As Lead UX my focus was on creating an image editor, that was easy to use and transform good photos into great photos.


Competing image editing apps offered a multitude and confusing array of features. I set the experience goal to exclude all but the essential features. Speed, ease and quality were the acceptance criteria.

I prioritised in the flow a selection of effects that focused on enhancing pictures rather than applying exaggerated filters and photo frames.

Flows and features

Interaction specification

The app also catered for more advanced manual editing. This aimed to get the best out of poorly taken photos, such as selectively brightening dark areas of a photo, cropping or adjusting the colour balance in your photos.

In subsequent updates we supplemented the core editing capabilities with differentiating features such as background blur, tilt shift and color pop.