Mobile Banking App

Designing a Mobile Banking app for HSBC



Project dates

 Feb 2015 –  June 2016


Mobile web app

Project Summary

  • Define the mobile banking experience for HSBC customers in the UK and Globally.
  • Develop mobile-first features and make mobile the best way for customers to do core banking tasks.

Major Tasks and Responsibilities

I was Lead UX responsible for client presentations and managing UX Designers across 3 sprint teams. Through a mix of competitor research and workshops with key stakeholders at HSBC, we established the priority user journeys and KPIs to focus our design and development roadmap. Working in cross-functional teams, we identified priorities for customers and collectively built a component library. Through prototyping we continuously validated and tested new designs and previous iterations.


UX Process

We established a framework for states, layers, page types and journeys within the App.


User flows

Design system

Design patterns were transposed into a component library, using an atomic design framework, for consistency, scalability and ease of going into development.

Design prototype

Tap anywhere on the screen to advance through the demo


  • Streamlined and improved core journeys … logon, account management, payments, transfers
  • Established a Design system for HSBC mobile Apps.
  • Established interaction and animation behaviours.
  • Worked in agile cross-functional teams to rapidly adapt to new priorities and features.
  • Delivered accessibility compliant front-end components as code to HSBC software delivery teams.